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Mar 7, 2019

12 Growth Hacking Examples: Top Ideas to Increase Sales

There comes a moment in every entrepreneur’s life when they don’t know how to grow their business. Having a good product and business plan is useless when you can’t reach out to your target audience. In this article, we bring to you growth hacking examples of 12 of the most successful companies across the globe. While growth hacking is specific to the company profile and team creativity, we promise that these examples will inspire you.

Best Growth Hacking Examples Of All Times

  1. Facebook

Facebook is unarguably one of the best growth hack examples of all times. The social media platform has two billion users currently, andit is all because oftwo simple tricks. Facebook encouraged people to add their contacts on the platform and sent emails to those people to create an account. More and more people started showing interest because they were curious aboutwhat they would receive after signing up.


  1. Airbnb

The AirbnbCraigslist hack is as iconic as it can ever be. Airbnbfounders realized that people searched Craigslist for alternative accommodation. To grow the customer and user base, they askedAirbnbowners to copy their offering on Craigslist. They would click on the listing and get directed to Airbnb, where they could verify the information and post it. They weren't losing any business because both places brought them customers, who eventually liked Airbnb'smodel and went there to find alternative accommodation.

  1. Instagram

Instagram has more than 800 million users today,butthe credit of its success goes to its early members. The social network platform emphasized on giving users exactly what they want, user experience, and encourage them to turn into brands. In just an hour of the launch, Instagram garnered over 10,000 users.


Creative business growth hacks

  1. Gmail

One of the biggest examples of growth hacking, Gmail used the fear of missing out a strategyto attract users. When Gmail was launchedin the market, no other mailing system offeredbetter features. Even though we take them granted for today, they were valued greatlyback then.

The marketing team only had to convince users to use it. The next growth hack they used was invite-only, so accounts were soldon eBay. Over the years, Google added more features to Gmail and has turned it into an amazingbusiness tool.


  1. Hotmail was earlier known as Hotmail and got famous because of one deceptive growth hack. They invited people to sign-up for a free account, which helped Hotmail to gather 12 million users in just 18 months. Remember, this was back in time when sending an SMS cost a lot than sending an email. Hotmail let people send messages via the internet for free. They took 20 percent of email users at that time.


  1. LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is considered as a trusted source to find information about prospective employees, companies, and getting in touch with former co-workers. Employees and employers recommend skills and refer them to other companies and job opening. When LinkedIn first started, it tested the business plan in tech companies in Silicon Valley, California.

After making corrections and ensuring that the model is working, LinkedIn launched itself in other sectors in the United States and theother majorcountries. Use Trust Activity to boost website conversions.


Top favorite hacking examples

  1. Netflix

Did you know Netflix started as a DVD rental company? It was way back in 1997. Netflix’s co-founder Reed Hastings always had it in his mind to start an online video company. When it finally started, the company’s USP was to let users watch anything they want at any timeand anywhere. Hastings used the profit they made from the DVD business to test their luck in the online business. Here are some more techniques that Netflix used:

  1. Building a strong sense of connection with move and TV series lovers
  2. Adding popular TV series from across the globe to their online website
  3. Hiring aspiring and famous artists to create amazing content


  1. Paypal

PayPal's business plan is one of those unique growth hacking ideas. It incentivizes users to make them bring more users.The plancost the company more than $60 million. The referral system helped Paypal boost their business by seven to 10 percent every day. In 2015, PayPal was valuedat $46.6 million, which is solidproof that their model worked. What is more important is that they did all this when therewasno social media. It was all through SMS, email, and word-to-word publicity.


  1. Slack

Slack has been on a high ever since it was launched. The founders didn’t want to Slack to be just another messaging platform but an effective way for businesses to communicate with their employees. They perfectly tackled employee productivity problem and lack of communication by offering a freemium model. In just a year, Slack had 500,000 users and currently has nine million active users.


Most successful growth hacking examples

  1. DropBox

DropBox is our favoritegrowth example as they offered free extra storage to users who connected their DropBox account to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Its 500 million users prove that the hack worked reallywell.


  1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is one of the latest companies to join the list. They used video marketing as their growth hack. The video gained over 19 million views, in which they mentioned they would give free blades for $1 a month. According to Business Insider, the DollarShave Club generated $20 million in revenue using this growth hack.

Dollar Shave Club

  1. Groupon

Groupon thought out of the box and used the fear of missing out a techniqueto encourage customers to usetheir service. The company made users share their deal with friends and family if they wanted it for themselves. On the other hand, they created a sense of urgency by limiting the number of free deals.


Top three growth hacks ideas

  1. Connect with your target audience

The only way to connect with your target audience is by understanding what they want from you. It is the same for a blogging website, jam seller, and photo editing website. Don’t give too many options because they will be confused aboutwhat they want to purchase and will end up buying nothing else. Launch a few products, move ahead with ones that sell well and stop the ones that don’t. Launch a second batch and do the same.

Audience Analysis

  1. Improve website speed

A single second delay in website speed reduces page conversions by seven percent. Invest in a good web plan, so customers are automatically convincedthat your products are genuine and of good quality. These little things encourage users to engage more and strike a relationship with you.

  1. Social proofing

One of the simplest ways to growth hack your business is by social proofing. This technique lets website visitors see what other customers are doing on it currently. It motivates them to follow their actions and make the purchase. It is basedon the simple logic that when people see that others have something they don’t, they will want it for themselves.

Use Trust Activity, a social proof software, with your website to create a technique like growth hacking Airbnb. It encourages conversions and promotes visitors to purchase products from your website.


Greg Hickman