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Sep 29, 2018

Psychological human shortcuts to get trusted

Everyone strives to be trusted because trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Building trust is not an easy task. Everyone knows that it takes a long time to build trust and a split second to lose it all. Building trust requires being trustworthy first. It is true that trust cannot be established in a day; however, there are ways to accomplish it quickly if you do it with intention and backing it up with consistency.

If you are in a business or profession where you need to make a quick first impression and gain the trust of your new clients within minutes of interacting, there are a few tricks in the bag that experts have used in the past which you can also employ to your advantage.

  • Showing intimacy
    Showing intimacy can go a long way in building trust when you meet new people. Instead of a handshake, hugging someone when you meet for the first time helps to lighten up the mood. People in general only hug who they like, so hugging signals that you like the person. If you are dealing with an online customer and cannot meet in person, you can still show intimacy by sending a personalized card or handwritten notes. Using the first name is also another quick way to build familiarity and trust.

  • Proof of credibility
    humans are built to be cautious when dealing with the unknown. If you are in a profession where you have to meet new people on a daily basis, you have to prove your credibility. You can achieve this by showing off your credentials and certificates. For an online business, client’s reviews and recommendations will help to build your reputation and credibility.

  • Showing weakness
    This piece of trick is the most commonly used by experts, and it works every time. By showing your vulnerability and weakness, people are more likely to warm up to you. However, how you show your weakness depends on the situations. You have to choose the weakness carefully so as not to appear incompetent. This trick only works when you have already proven your credibility first. Whatever vulnerability you display should not be relatable to your work. However, asking for help once in a while is not considered a weakness; instead, it is another way of building trust and bonding with the people around you. Having a weakness will make you seem more approachable and more like them.

  • Being consistent
    To have a long lasting trust of people, being consistent is the key. If you have made a promise, keep it. If you decide on a task to complete within a week, complete that task. Leading a consistent lifestyle will also prove to people around you that you are trustworthy. So if you are in a delivery business and your ads say for instance, ‘deliveries within three days’ then deliver the goods within three days.

  • Trust others
    To earn somebody’s trust quickly, you must also first put your trust in them. Having faith in their judgment or decision is a way to have others put their faith in you as well. Human has the natural inclination to trust people who also have trust in them. If you have to win over someone within a short time, be the first to show your trust in them.

If you need someone to trust you, you first have to show you are trustworthy and impress them with your competency. After you have established your credibility, you can show the vulnerable side of you which is relatable to the person. Trust may take time to build, but the foundation can be laid within seconds of meeting someone new.


Greg Hickman